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Predominantly working with oil paint on canvas, I see my paintings as illusory abstract landscapes where the landscape emerges as an imagined place, or the in-between space that connects memory and place, rather than representing somewhere specific. Through layers of various marks: squiggly lines, shapes, broad brush strokes, and veils of paint I hope to build an image that cannot be understood in a simple glance. The various paint marks aren’t representative of anything in particular. Instead, like points on a map they guide toward the memory of a place and will resonate differently for each person that engages with my paintings. 
I grew up in the county surrounded by a lot of open space. As an adult I have lived in Melbourne and whilst loving the urban environment I am always seeking to find that feeling of space I had around me in my childhood. Through my paintings I am trying to recreate that feeling of space for myself and hopefully for others too. I am also trying to create a feeling of calm when I look at my work.  I feel that the world is chaos so I want my paintings be a counterpoint to that.  My hope is that others can find a moment of quiet and space to breathe when they are viewing my artwork.



Alizon Gray_Cosmopolitan_155x131cm_edited.jpg

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